General FAQ's


Questions, questions, questions...


Q. Why does print full colour?

A. Because leaflets and flyers printed Full Colour have the best chance of getting your customers attention. Our business is focused on making that attention pay. This way, you get the best possible return on our leaflet and flyer printing. Think to yourself: If I had a choice between having a brand spanking new full colour HDTV or a black & white television, which would I choose? Exactly — no competition — full colour print all the way!


Q. Right, so no single/spot colour printing then?

A. Right. We don't have any plans to offer this service at present, though never say never. If there is a demand for this in future and we can offer you - our customers - this service cost effectively, you'll be the first to know about it.


Q.How does print my Leaflets or Flyers?

A. All jobs at are all currently printed lithographically, for superior quality, however we do have a digital print price list in the pipeline, to offer you - the customer, even greater savings. So watch this space.


Q.What's the Difference between Lithographic and Digital Printing?

A. Lithograhic printing is regarded as the benchmark for quality print, but the process in setting a job up on the printing press is more expensive than digital, litho is generally used on small to large print runs. (500-1000 upwards)

Digital printing however is a quicker and lower cost way to set up a print job,but you lose slightly on print quality, although most people accept this due to the lower prices, generally used on very small print runs. (1-500)


Q. How can I order leaflets or flyers?

A. To order, either fill in our online order form or complete the downloadable pdf order form and return to us along with your artwork.       Please ensure all requested details are complete and correct.


Q. No VAT on leaflets and flyers, is this correct?

A. Leaflets and flyers are generally zero-rated unless they fall into one of the following catergories:

• They have redeemable value. i.e."discounted admission with this flyer"

• They are designed to be posted i.e. used as a post card.

• Have any parts designed to be written on i.e. register/reply form area

• Will be used as calenders

To see items subject to VAT, view HM Customs & Excise website


Q. How can I pay for my print order?

A. Payment can be taken by contacting us and using any major debit or credit card. Alternatively, you can pay by cheque or bank transfer (bacs), but unfortunately we are unable to commence work until they have cleared. Please allow 3 working days for this.


Q. Will I receive an invoice for my print order?

A. Yes, after paying for your order an Invoice will be sent to you via e-mail along with confirmation of your order. We do not send hard copies invoices, so please print a copy of the e-mail invoice for your records.


Q. Is there a charge for payment by credit card?

A. Yes, payment via credit cards are subject to a charge of 2.5%, though payment via debit cards are not subject to any charge.


Q. Do you print other quantities or sizes other than what is shown?

A. Yes we can. Contact our team with your required quantity for a cost and we'll give you a bespoke quote.


Q. How long does it take for my delivery if I have print ready artwork?

A. Our turnaround times differ depending on the product ordered. It usually takes 3-5 days to print and finish jobs. Our Turnaround Clock indicates this period with delivery taking place the day after.


Q. How do I check on the delivery status of my job?

A. Once we despatch your leaflets or flyer we will send an e-mail giving you a tracking number for the carrier we are using. You can use those details to trace your consignment, using the link to on the delivery page.


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